Resizing legs

Steel Guitar legs are shortened by driving out the plug and cutting at that end.




The plug should begin and end set like this

2) Unscrew the hand nut and remove the inner pipe assembly. Use a solid steel rod to hammer the plug out by throwing it down the inside of the pipe until the plug is hammered out. Do this over a rug or pad so that the thread on the plug will not be damaged on the floor when it comes out.
Picture of plug out of outer pipe
3) Measure exactly where the leg should be cut. 
Put masking tape around that spot on the tube and cut carefully. 
If you have access to a shop with a power hacksaw (band saw), you can do this quickly and accurately by setting the stop on the saw.
If you are doing this by hand, you must mark the cutting spot on the tape and cut very carefully to be sure the cut is  straight and square.

Cut all the legs at the same time and check for accuracy before each cut.

4) Use some sandpaper at a 45 degree angle to clean up the edges where you just cut. A belt sander makes this quick and easy.  
We use an old 9/16" socket to drive the plug back in place after cutting the leg. This one is well "mushroomed" after years of setting plugs in legs.
The socket protects the Threads on the plug and is a good tool, for driving it back in. Take care not to hit directly on the plugs threads. Hammer repeatedly to set the plug.  
Drive the plug back in. Once the plug is completely seated, it should look like it did before it was removed, and it will be tightly installed in the leg.  (Use of lock-tight is also helpful on occasion)